Automatic production lines

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Automated production lines, produced at WELD technologia zgrzewania, are designed for the efficient production of a wide range of meshes and gratings, including fence panels and reinforcement mesh
Depending on the purpose, the lines produced use different solutions, for example welding in a system of cut rods or welding in a continuous system.

Lines intended for the production of mesh made of thick rods use welded rods straight and cut to size. Rods can be prepared outside the line and loaded by hand, or straightened, trimmed on a regular basis and included in the production process in an automatic manner. Depending on the profile of the planned production by the ordering party, the offered line is produced in the version for the production of fence panels, or elements of acoustic screens, reinforcment mesh, mesh made of thin wires, including rolled meshes.

In the case of the production of fence panels, the offered line enables the production of both 3D panels and 2D panels (straight lines). Thanks to the built-in press line, the line performs stiffening stiffeners, and thanks to the use of the bottom feeder and specially designed welding assemblies, it is possible to produce a 2D panel consisting of three layers of bars with diameters 6-5-6 and 8-6-8 /mm/.
In addition, the line is equipped with a device for laying welded grids on a pallet, ready for export.

Lines designed for welding reinforcment mesh or other meshes and gratings, are adapted to work in a continuous welding system. In this case, the longitudinal wires are unwound directly from the sheaves and straightened on a regular basis, and the welded grate is cut to a given dimension. In addition, this type of line can be equipped with additional modules, e.g. a module for the production of building lintels.

The construction of the produced lines provides for a change in the spacing of longitudinal and transverse bars and the change of diameters of used wires. The vapor control system is on the microprocessor controller and the touch panel. The energy circuit of the welding machine uses toroidal transformers characterized by high efficiency, which significantly reduces the consumption of electricity.
Regardless of the solution adopted, the work of the line does not require service involvement, the production process is automatic. The service activities are limited to replenishing the used wire and exporting the finished product.
Automated production lines, manufactured by us, are designed based on the latest technical developments. The applied solutions are innovative and represent the achievements of WELD technologia zgrzewania sp. z o.o.

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