Multi-point template pattern welders

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One of the groups of machines produced is self-propelled and automated template welders. These welders are intended for welding of metal or sheet metal parts. The welder's equipment includes a precisely cut template for welding, most often for large mesh, or smaller ones at the same time. These welders are particularly suitable where there is a variety of sizes and designs. An unquestionable advantage of template welders is the ease of adapting the machine to other tasks. This activity is not time-consuming, it can be done several times a day. It involves replacing the template and changing the settings on the controller.
Self-adhesive stitchers, manufactured by WELD welding technology, have a gantry structure, working width up to 3 m. They are equipped with pneumatic electrode clamps in an amount usually up to twenty-five, which allows obtaining up to 50 welds at the same time. Changing the spacing of electrodes and the distance between stops of the template trolley allows you to change the mesh spacing of the welded mesh in both directions. The operation of the welding machine comes down to laying the welded elements in the template and pressing the start button. The welding process is automatic.

The described system can be made in two versions.
Version I - a solution with one template located on one side of the welding machine and one drive.
Version II - a solution with two templates located on opposite sides of the welding machine and two drives.
Regardless of the version and number of templates used, each version is offered in three drive variants. value equal to the spacing of welds.

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