for grids and gratings

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Grids and gratings created in resistance welding technology have a wide applications. They belong to them. gabions, acoustic panels, or forest meshes. The most popular of them are gabions. The form and purpose of gabions is very diverse.

Most often they are used for the construction of retaining walls protecting slopes or landslides or for an effective finishing of the ground level fault. We can also meet with the use of them for the construction of shore bands, dams, cascades and other types of regulatory structures. Increasingly, gabion baskets can be found in road architecture, eg acoustic panels. Also popular are gabion fences, building elevations and various decorative elements.

The inside of the gabion basket is divided by transverse divisions at a distance of 1.0 m.
Standard gabion baskets are made of a mesh welded wire with a diameter of 4 mm, anti-corrosive surface of zinc or zinc with an admixture of aluminum, with a mesh size of 10 × 10 cm. Gabions in the garden can be an interesting supplement to its project. They can be used to build fences, flowerbeds or plant protection.

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