for the reinforcement mats

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Welded mats are commonly used in construction for the reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures, roads and highways. They can be used to reinforce foundations, screeds, walls, floors and ceilings. Reinforced building mat welds contributes to increasing the strength of the structure and the substrate, it also provides anti-shrinkage. Reinforced welding mats are made by multi-point welding machines. The control system of the multi-point welding machine controls the wire feeders, welding electrodes, as well as the subsequent movement of the grid mesh for the electrodes. The precise positioning of the manufactured building mats depends on the precision of the positioning of the drive system. Multi-spot welding machine can be fully automatic - the operator's work consists in supplementing trays of longitudinal and transverse wires as well as on production supervision. The bar feeder automatically distributes the individual wires and pushes them under the electrodes. Finished meshes can be stacked.
Welders for building mats are very popular among producers supplying reinforcing meshes used for road and bridge construction.

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