For oil filter elements

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An automated station for the production of oil filter elements enables the production of oil filter baffles in an automatic cycle. Semi-finished products delivered to the stand are the fastening rings and filter dividers. The welding station takes semi-products from stacks, transfers them to the welding sockets located on the four-position turret, where they are placed in a suitable position, welded, and finally put on a conveyor belt.

Components of the station :

  • Four-position rotary table
  • Welding socket
  • The mechanism for feeding the filter partitions
  • Mechanism of feeding the fastening rings
  • Welding stand
  • The mechanism of unloading a welded element
  • Baffle and ring feeders
  • Tape conveyor collection of finished items
  • Electrical control

Description of the work 

The four-position rotary table is driven by a servo. Four welding sockets are placed on it, in which four operations take place in an instant. In one step of the machine (1/4 table rotation), the filter baffle is fed and relieved in the first slot, in the second slot the same happens with the clamping ring. The next slot is placed in a position allowing to press and weld elements. The last position of the table allows to unload the welded elements from the machine onto the conveyor belt. After performing the operation on all positions (all of them take place independently and at the same time) the table rotates by one measure (1/4 turn). The machine constructed in such a way allows for overlapping of all four production operations and for achieving high machine efficiency.

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