With a spindle straightening system

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Z systemem prostowania wrzecionowego

Most of the straighteners produced at WELD technologia zgrzewania are spindle straighteners. They are equipped with a righting roller, also called a rotor. The distinguishing feature of the straightening machines that we manufacture is a solid construction, especially of spindle straighteners. For the construction of straightener bodies, we use steel plates with a thickness of up to 40 mm cut with water. This solution guarantees the stability of the structure and damping of vibrations that generate noise, especially during cutting. The most important part of the spindle straightening machine is the straightening shaft (spindle). In the straightening machines that we produce, the shafts are made of solid material using numerical machine tools. This has an impact on the precision of the workmanship. Precision of workmanship and appropriate bearing, it is a guarantee of the life of the shaft bearings, especially in models of high-performance machines, where the rotational speed of the shaft is 7500 rpm.
In most models, wire travel is carried out through two sets of active pneumatically pressed rollers.

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